Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

What is an Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor (ABPM)?

An ABPM is a portable device that measures blood pressure at regular intervals for 24hrs during normal daily/nightly activity. Patients may have this device if they have high blood pressure (hypertension) or variable blood pressure which is difficult to control. A device worn around the neck is connected to a Blood pressure cuff on your non-dominant arm. Throughout the day and night the cuff inflates every 30-60 minutes and the patients blood pressure is recorded.

You should allow 10-15 minutes for the ABPM monitor to be connected.

There is a Medicare rebate for an ABPM, however this is dependent on certain criteria. We will discuss this with you to see if you meet the criteria at the time of the test.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Brisbane

Before your procedure:

  • Take your usual medications
  • Wear a 2 piece outfit on the day so we can easily place the cuff and inflation tubing through your clothes
  • The BP cuff is attached to your arm, so if you feel slightly conspicuous with the BP monitor we suggest you wear a shirt/top with loose sleeves.
During your procedure set up:

The Nurse or Cardiac Technician will explain the procedure to you and how to stop the ABPM and remove all the equipment from your arm at the end of the 24hrs.

The Blood pressure cuff will be attached and an initial blood pressure will be undertaken before you leave the medical rooms. Whilst wearing this device you are unable to get wet. Unfortunately this means you are unable to shower, bath or go swimming until the device and cuff have been removed.

The device will capture your blood pressure every 30 minutes during the day and hourly overnight for 24hrs.

At the end of the 24hrs:

You can stop the device and take off the BP cuff and equipment as shown to you by the Nurse/Technician.

Return the ABPM and all equipment to our reception staff and it will be analysed. A follow up appointment with your cardiologist may be undertaken on the same day or soon after for the results. A report will be sent to your GP/Referrer.