Repeat / Lost Prescriptions Policy

New fees for Repeat/Lost Prescriptions without a Consultation will start 1 February 2024

From the 1st Feb 2024 our Cardiologists at Premier Cardiology will begin charging for repeat/lost prescription requests conducted without a consultation. Your first point of call should ideally be your GP for a repeat prescription.

Our policy around repeat prescription requests:

  • Only current practice patients can make such requests (not suitable for new patients).
  • Patients need to have been seen in the last year.
  • The request for a prescription is one that the patient has been given before by your Cardiologist at Premier Cardiology.
  • No more than 2 prescriptions would be issued at any one time (each prescription is charged separately).
  • The usual turn around time in 72 hours (3 days) and urgent requests are done in about 24 hours (1 day).

Costs will be affected by the delivery method (electronic vs pick up vs mail) of the request.

Prescriptions Fees: $20 for electronic delivery (SMS patient) $20 for pick up from practice and $30 for snail mail.

Credit card payment via MOTO will need to be made in advance with our Reception staff if not collecting the prescription in person (your credit card details are not keep on file) and the patient will only be billed if the request is issued. If the request is declined patients will not be billed. Patients will receive an SMS advising them if their scripts or referrals have been issued or declined.

In the interest of quality care and safety, the Cardiologists at Premier cardiology have agreed to relatively strict criteria. You may have a request declined, in that case, it is because your Cardiologist feels it is best for your health / care for you to make an appointment. For example if not seen recently enough, if a blood test is required before a script is issued or if a prescription has been discontinued etc.

Dr Andrew Small and Dr Kelly Stanton have always focused on quality of care and providing patients with the time they need to properly address their cardiac health concerns. It is impossible to provide a quality service with a focus on medical excellence without charging a gap.

If you have general questions about billings please speak to our reception staff on 07 3311 1633